Duits nederlands


The heritage park is currently under construction. Many things are still to be realised and demand both time and money to be achieved. Nevertheless there are already interesting things to be seen and these are described in detail elsewhere

The most important activities take place in the carpenter's shop 'De Juffer'. This building houses the up-to-date mechanical workshop and the temporary visitor's centre; a small exhibition shows the importance of the inventions of Cornelis Corneliszoon van Uitgeest, and there are models of various types of wind mills, old wood working and other crafts tools are exhibited. Various video's, a.o. about the remaining paltrok saw mills in the Netherlands and a a cycling and walking route through the national heritages of the surroundings of the heritage park can be seen.

In the middle of the park there are a number of enormous grinding stones, which once were used in industrial windmills.

Close to the grinding stones there is a small ship-yard. Here small traditional Dutch wooden sailing ships are being built.

Both in front and inside of the drying shed boards are drying to such a moisture level that they can be used for the construction of various monumental buildings.

In the western part of the park the artificial mill isle is located. At the end of 2004 the foundation and base for the mill were completed.

Adjacent to the mill is a landing-stage, situated in the Alkmaar & Uitgeest Lake allowing canal touring boats and yachts to moor for a visit to the heritage park.

The heritage park is inhabited and visited by many birds, some of these birds are rare and others are more familiar species..

Being located at the southern end of the Alkmaar & Uitgeest Lake the park affords great views, and when the weather is nice any white and coloured sails of yachts and wind-surfers can be seen create a special outlook.

Duits nederlands