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The realization of the Industrial Heritage Park 'De Hoop' is possible due to substantial subsidies from municipal, provincial and European governments and semi governmental organizations. Since 1999 subsidies have been received from:

Municipality of UitgeestEuropean Development Fund
Province of North-HollandFINH
Project Office IJmond IJzersterkEuropean Stimulating Fund
Project Office IJmond 2000+Provincial Stimulating Fund
European UnionInterreg IIIB North Seafaring

Die weitere Realisierung des "Industrieel Erfgoedparks De Hoop" wurde ermöglicht durch die Unter-stützung einer Anzahl von Fonds.
Seit 1999 haben wir von folgenden Fonds etc. Zuwendungen erhalten:

VSB Fund
Bouwfonds Living Fund
Bouwfonds Culture Fund
Sponsor Lottery
Anonymus Fund

The Rabo Green loan-fund provided a loan under agreeable conditions

Companies and Participants
A great number of local and regional companies, institutions and participants are supporting the Industrial Heritage Park 'De Hoop' with financial means or services in kind.

Donors and Friends
The foundation is supported by a growing number of Friends and Donors . Friends and Donors are regularly informed about the progress of the project and have free admittance to the park. To apply to be a Friend of the Industrial Heritage Park 'De Hoop' or to make a donation, please use the form on the Contact page.

Duits nederlands