Duits nederlands


The foundation aims to promote people's interest in the cultural and industrial heritage of the Netherlands in an innovative and vivid way, making the heritage park a centre of rural and industrial tourism activities

The project will show the importance of the invention by Cornelis Corneliszoon van Uitgeest, of the use of a crankshaft in a windmill (resulting in the wind operated sawmill) for the international development of industries based on its application such as shipbuilding.

Also the project will be the nucleus for a schedule of preventive maintenance of large wooden engines such as industrial windmills and ships. For that the site will act as a place of vocational education for craftsmen (woodworkers) who subsequently will be able to restore and reconstruct wooden constructions of cultural heritage. In particular youngsters will be trained in the various timber related professions.

With the support of volunteers, who are interested in the history of Uitgeest, the province of North-Holland and the Netherlands, or volunteers who are dedicated to preserve the traditional handicraft, wood related occupations, traditional building constructions and old tools, the foundation can exist. In between 45-50 enthousiastic volunteers are co-operating across all kinds of disciplines.

Duits nederlands