Duits nederlands


The Industrial Heritage Park 'De Hoop' will be developed about 1200 meters from the place where until 1911, after being struck by lightning and burning down completely, the paltrok mill called 'De Hoop' was located.

The park is located near the Lagendijk (Low dike) a former sea dyke, which until the 1930's was used as main road between Amsterdam/the Zaan Region and the town of Alkmaar.

The Polder of Berouw (Polder of Repentance) is the name of the small polder in which the heritage park is situated. According to tradition the name was given because the polder's investment did not give the expected return.

The park is situated on the south bank of the Alkmaar & Uitgeest Lake, the only remaining sea inlet in North-Holland which escaped from the 17th and 18th century reclamations.

Flora and fauna in this area is very distinctive and includes rare species. This includes over 20 species of fish inhabiting the lake. A brackish flora and rich birdlife, with birds of prey making up part of the 90 species that inhabit the site.

Duits nederlands