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De Hoop in 1895


This is an invitation to pay a visit to the Industrial Heritage Park 'De Hoop' at Uitgeest. On the south bank of the Alkmaarder- en Uitgeestermeer (Alkmaar & Uitgeest Lake) a heritage park is being built which will express the importance of Cornelis Corneliszoon from Uitgeest (ca 1550-1607) in relation to the economic and social development of the Netherlands. Cornelis Corneliszoon was, amongst others, inventor of the, wind driven, sawmill. And as a result of this invention 17th century shipbuilding in Holland could develop enormously, enabling the country to expand to become the world's most important and leading trading nation. Even today, one can observe the effects of the 17th century prosperity.

At the site of the Industrial Heritage Park 'De Hoop' the importance of Cornelis Corneliszoon's inventions is tangible and the heritage park, which is still under construction, aims to show the importance through the development of various exhibits and activities. Next to a permanent exhibition at the visitor's centre, a working reconstruction of the wind operated sawmill 'De Hoop' will be built. (In 1911 the sawmill 'De Hoop', which was located near the village of Uitgeest, burnt down).

Meanwhile the shed 'De Juffer' has been completed. 'De Juffer' is a carpenter shop, where experienced woodworkers train youngsters to become skilled carpenters. These apprentices will assist with building the various components and objects within the park.

In addition to Corneliszoon's works, attention will be paid to another 'great son of Uitgeest', Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638), the world famous cartographer, printer and publisher, who contributed much to the development of Holland as a maritime nation.

In 2004 a young ship's carpenter started the construction of a traditional 19th Century fishing boat which was launched in the summer of 2005. There are plans to start with a second wooden ship. An old wooden sloop will be renovated completely.

Visit our park and 'meet the past'. Note how the first 'Industrial Revolution' took place in Holland and experience the effects of these changes to the Dutch maritime and economic development. The heritage park is the start and finish of an attractive cycle tour all around the Alkmaar & Uitgeest Lake. The 30 kilometres tour passes many objects of interest, villages, hamlets and interesting landscapes around the lake.

We hope to see you soon.

Duits nederlands